POS 단말과 무선 ​​M2M

출판:Berg Insight 출판년월:2021년11월

POS Terminals and Wireless M2M – 5th Edition
POS 단말과 무선 ​​M2M 제5판

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Berg Insight「POS 단말과 무선 ​​M2M 제5판 – POS Terminals and Wireless M2M – 5th Edition」는 세계 셀룰러 POS 단말 시장을 조사하고 2025년까지 시장 예측을 실시하고 있습니다。

보고서의 특징

  • 결제 산업에 대한 자세한 분석
  • 최신 산업 동향 및 발전에 대한 요약
  • POS 및 mPOS 터미널 시장의 주요 플레이어에 대한 최신 및 상세한 기업 정보
  • 벤더 공유 및 경쟁 동적 검토
  • 모바일 지갑 서비스의 영향에 대한 견해
  • 2025년까지 광범위한 세계 및 지역별 시장 예측

주요 게재 내용

  1. 개설
    1. 카드 결제 산업
    2. POS 단말기 시장
  2. 무선 M2M 및 NFC
    1. 전자결제 진화
      1. EMV 이전
      2. 셀룰러 IoT 통신 채택
      3. NFC 지원 기기 롤아웃
  3. POS 터미널 공급업체
  4. 예측 및 요약
    1. 시장 동향 및 촉진 요인
    2. 시장 예측

Cellular connectivity has become a popular option for POS terminals and the installed base of cellular POS terminals reached 90 million worldwide in 2020. Berg Insight forecasts a CAGR of 11.8 percent between 2020 and 2025, resulting in a total of 157 million cellular POS terminals at the end of the forecast period. The market for NFC-ready POS terminals also continued to display strong momentum in 2020 with annual shipments reaching an estimated 67 million units worldwide. The report also forecasts the mPOS market. Get up to date with the latest information about vendors, products and markets.

Highlights from the report:

  • Detailed analysis of the payments industry.
  • Summary of the latest industry trends and developments.
  • Updated in-depth profiles of key players in the POS and mPOS terminal market.
  • Reviews of vendor market shares and competitive dynamics.
  • Perspectives on the impact of mobile wallet services.
  • Extensive global and regional market forecasts lasting until 2025.


Executive summary

1 Introduction

1.1 The card payments industry
1.1.1 The transaction process in card payments
1.1.2 Costs of a card payment transaction
1.1.3 Revenue distribution in the card payments industry
1.1.4 Card payments and household consumption expenditures
1.1.5 Breakdown of household consumption expenditures
1.1.6 Card payment volumes
1.2 The POS terminal market
1.2.1 POS terminal market data
1.2.2 POS terminal form factors

2 Wireless M2M and NFC

2.1 Evolution of electronic payments
2.1.1 EMV migration
2.1.2 Adoption of cellular IoT communications
2.1.3 Rollout of NFC-ready terminals

3 POS terminal vendors

3.1 Vendor profiles and strategies
3.1.1 BBPOS
3.1.2 Bitel
3.1.3 Castles Technology
3.1.4 Centerm
3.1.5 CyberNet
3.1.6 Dspread Technology
3.1.7 Equinox Payments
3.1.8 ID Tech
3.1.9 Itron Electronics
3.1.10 JTact
3.1.11 MoreFun
3.1.12 Newland Payment Technology
3.1.13 New POS
3.1.14 Nexgo (Xinguodu)
3.1.15 PAX Technology
3.1.16 REA Card
3.1.17 SZZT Electronics
3.1.18 Vanstone Electronic
3.1.19 VeriFone
3.1.20 Worldline (Ingenico)

4 Forecasts and conclusions

4.1 Market trends and drivers
4.1.1 Steady uptake of wireless M2M
4.1.2 NFC has become ubiquitous
4.1.3 POS terminal app stores are a potential game-changer
4.1.4 New technologies can transform the shopping experience
4.1.5 The mPOS market segment is growing fast
4.2 Market forecasts
4.2.1 Cellular POS terminal market forecast
4.2.2 NFC-ready POS terminal market forecast
4.2.3 NFC-ready mPOS terminal market forecast


List of Figures

Figure 1.1: Typical payment transaction flow…………..3
Figure 1.2: Visa interchange fees in the UK and the US (2020)……….4
Figure 1.3: Revenue distribution in card payments…………..5
Figure 1.4: Card payments as a share of HCE and GDP (World 2020) …….6
Figure 1.5: Household consumption expenditures by service and product (EU28 2018)…7
Figure 1.6: Card payments in Europe and North America (2020)……….8
Figure 1.7: Installed base of POS terminals and ATMs (World 2015-2019) ……9
Figure 1.8: POS terminal density by country (World 2019)…………10
Figure 1.9: Stationary and mobile POS terminals …………..11
Figure 1.10: mPOS devices ………………12
Figure 1.11: Android POS terminals ……………..13
Figure 2.1: EMV implementation status (World 2020)………..15
Figure 2.2: POS terminals with cellular connectivity by region (World 2020) …..17
Figure 2.3: NFC-ready POS terminals by region (World 2020)………18
Figure 3.1: POS terminal shipments by manufacturer (World 2020)…….20
Figure 3.2: PAX Technology POS terminals …………..27
Figure 3.3: Verifone POS terminals…………….29
Figure 4.1: Deployment of NFC and cellular technologies (World 2019-2025)…..37
Figure 4.2: Cellular POS terminal shipments by region (World 2019-2025)…….39
Figure 4.3: Cellular POS terminal installed base by region (World 2019-2025)….40
Figure 4.4: NFC POS terminal shipments by region (World 2019-2025)……42
Figure 4.5: NFC POS terminal installed base by region (World 2019-2025)……43
Figure 4.6: mPOS terminal shipments by region (World 2019-2025)……..45
Figure 4.7: mPOS terminal installed base by region (World 2019-2025) ……..46



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